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Fuck You by katcombs
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Fuck You :iconkatcombs:katcombs 3 0
1983 Western Pacific by katcombs 1983 Western Pacific :iconkatcombs:katcombs 1 0 1989 Rio Grande by katcombs 1989 Rio Grande :iconkatcombs:katcombs 1 0 Peace Rose by katcombs Peace Rose :iconkatcombs:katcombs 1 0 Dusty Miller by katcombs Dusty Miller :iconkatcombs:katcombs 0 0 Bottlebrush by katcombs Bottlebrush :iconkatcombs:katcombs 1 0 Embala Pony -animated- by katcombs Embala Pony -animated- :iconkatcombs:katcombs 5 0 I Love Lions by katcombs I Love Lions :iconkatcombs:katcombs 1 0 Rose Stamp by katcombs Rose Stamp :iconkatcombs:katcombs 1 0 Lizzy by katcombs Lizzy :iconkatcombs:katcombs 3 0 EQG Lizzy by katcombs EQG Lizzy :iconkatcombs:katcombs 2 0 Lizzy by katcombs Lizzy :iconkatcombs:katcombs 3 0 Little Lizzy by katcombs Little Lizzy :iconkatcombs:katcombs 2 0 Operation Lifesaver by katcombs Operation Lifesaver :iconkatcombs:katcombs 2 0 Mini Dreamcatcher by katcombs Mini Dreamcatcher :iconkatcombs:katcombs 1 0 Teal Ranger by katcombs Teal Ranger :iconkatcombs:katcombs 9 1

My Funko Collection... I'm never selling it, so should I.... 

8 deviants said Keep them in the boxes
8 deviants said Open them so I can fit more in a smaller space


:iconmicro-affiliation: :iconamethyst-gems:




:iconffleret: :icontruefrenzy: :icondr-dread1234: :iconannakostyuk: :iconlashellevalentine:

Do I owe anyone any artwork?

  1. Moony for :iconvelveteen-vixen:
  2. Sailors for :icontaintedoneninja: :iconicheddar: 
  3. Equestria Girls for :iconxavs-pixels: :icontrilled-llama: :iconpatty-chickens: :iconarianstar:
  4. Ponies for :iconxavs-pixels: :iconnight-class: :iconwerahatake: :iconvelveteen-vixen:
  5. MIB Sprites, request list on there
  6. Huggles (I still owe :iconrivershanden: and :iconarchengel-uriel: , I remember)
  7. * OC Ships and Special Someponies - open *I'm matching up.... Anyone who wants to be grouped up with my open ponies are welcome to post!!
    Couple pics will take the place of original pics when I match um up.
    Singles for the couples will be in my Scraps. 
    Edit: 06/30/17 -
     These are taking a while, so if you're matching up, all I ask is please be patient :) Started a new job so these are on hold for now, added a bunch of new couples at the bottom and a maker image of the humanoids.
    Characters that need matchups:
    ElfQuest Fandom:
    No chosen gender ponies:
    Matched Up Ponies:
    Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! My own pairings
    LeMorte (my hubby) and Lisabit 
    Change and Nightflash
    MLP Somepony specials (also open for pairings, will post open characters ASAP)
  8. Rewrite :icondarkphyre0: story & start :iconhenshindaisuke: story
  9. Sprites for :iconnight-class:

Stamps: Food, soda, from silver fandom icons, tv shows, movies, Brendan Fraser, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway (maybe), Hugh Jackman, Austen, Comics, Disney, Dr Who, Flowers, Robin Williams, Trains, Vampires and X-Men, books and tons

Everything Else:
  1. Bitties of all my new characters
  2. Canon ponies on my base
  3. Care bear canons
  4. MLP Somepony specials
  5. Mini Dreamcatchers
  6. My characters from humanoid, MLP and unicat checklists
  7. On Lisabit's pony sheet: Heart Pony, Micro, BBFBB
  8. Times are Changing rewrite and other fics, including my Valentines Labyrinth fic before Feb
  9. Unicat breeding w/ :iconxxliquidrainbowxx: - forest spirit + a few others once I figure out which

Advent/bittie todo listMassive list! This has been accumulating for years. I may not update this list until the end of the year, if then. I put this separate cause of the disappearing deviation problem.
This listing is mainly for me, not for requests, since you can see I already have a LOT to do. 
Marvel Comics: Cannonball, Mirage, Karma, Sunspot, Warlock, Cypher, Magik, Aurora, Crystal, Elektra, Firebird, Hellcat, Invisible Woman, Mantis, Medusa, Moondragon, Namora (exile), Namora, Pulse, Sersi, Spider Woman (Jessica), Spider Woman (blond), Northstar, Loki, Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Spider-Man, Quicksilver, Squirrel Girl, Black Panther, Captain Marvel (female), Ant-Man, Vision (sprite of him too), Captain UK, Cerise, Daytripper, Lionheart, Sage, Captain Britain, Colossus, Feron, Kylun, Micromax, Pete Wisdom, a TON of Kitty :D , Boom Boom, Domino, Feral, Siryn, Skids, Rusty, Cable, Shatterstar, Bird Brain, Gosamyr, Gomi, Moonboy, Rictor, Thunderbird, Warpath, Sunfire, Blink, Dazzler,
Care Bear Sets

Todo list:

True Hear Bear (the sparkly version)
Environmental Bears
Big Wish Movie Bears
Exclusive/Limited Addition Bears
Care Bear Cousins
Bedtime Bear by katcombsLove-a-Lot Bear by katcombsFriend Bear by katcombsBirthday Bear by katcombsGood Luck Bear by katcombsOopsy Bear by katcombsSuperstar Bear by katcombsWork of Heart Bear by katcombsSweet Dreams Bear by katcombsShine Bright Bear by katcombsPlay-a-Lot Bear by katcombsAmigo Bear by katcombsHeartsong Bear by katcombsAlways There Bear by katcombsSurprise Bear 2 by katcombsSurprise Bear by katcombs
My Little Pony SetsMy Base Set

Main 6 

Main 6 

Apple Bloom by katcombsSweetie Bell by katcombsScootaloo by katcombsPrincess Celestia by katcombsPrincess Cadence by katcombsPrincess Luna by katcombsDaring Do by katcombsOctavia by katcombsDJ Pon-3 by katcombs
Sprinkle Medley by katcombsRainbowshine by katcombsOrange Swirl by katcombsCherry Berry by katcombsBerry Punch by katcombsCloudkicker by katcombsMerry May by katcombsParasol by katcombsLily Valley by katcombsDr Whooves by katcombsRoseluck by katcombsDerpy by katcombs


My working list folders:
References for characters I'll be making
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United States

* My Personal Characters *I'm putting this here to make it easier to update my character listing instead of trial and error on my profile.

05/17/17 - Changed to only my major characters. My full list with all my character are HERE.

Me, Lisabit (me pony)

Our furry versions (Lisabit Mouse and Rusty Wolfe, she's partial to anything 3/4 sleeve shirts and jean shorts or hippy or boho like, he's a cowboy and/or farmer, micros by Abel)

Kat, Katacombs (pony)

Request/Commish Info - CLOSED
Current Status:
Requests: CLOSEDPoints Commissions: closedPayPal Commissions: closed Art Trades: ask me, always love to try themGifts: working on some right now
Quick Rules & Info:
You must send all commissions and requests to me in a NOTE, comments here will be ignored from now on. Please wait for my reply before sending points.Limiting these to 2 unless noted, but as before, once I do them, you can request more!  
Have plenty of patience, my creative mojo comes and goes, plus I get easily confused.
Please do not repost my work or use it in other works. The link can be used when showcasing the artwork, I'd love to see it :)Please be nice, if you are rude and I won't make you anything.The color codes on the boxes only apply when I'm open, they mean Red is NO, Green is YES, Purple is a MAYBE. I don't change them often, but sometimes they do.
Reference imag
About Kat


Main Information

- Name: Lisa
- Nicknames: Kitkat, Lisabit
- Single or taken: Taken
- Gender: Female
- Birthday: April
- Sign: Aries
- Hair color: Auburn to brown
- Eye color: Blue-green
- Height: Taller than average
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Gender means nothing
- Country: USA
- Zodiac Sign: Aries
- Pets: 4 cats, 2 dogs
Your DA
- Number of Past Accounts: Just the one
- Number of Past Usernames: Just the one
- First Username: katcombs
- Original Join Date: Sept 2004
- Premium Memb

My Website

Copyright Statement 2 by Sophibelle

Online Family:
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If I missed you, please let me know!

Pony Friends/Inspirations:
:iconjeanify: :icontrilled-llama: :iconpatty-chickens: :iconmourning-dreams: :iconmargaretlovez: :iconselenaede:


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Should I post the singles to these or in batches?
Minis by katcombs
Incoming stamp and pixel flood... taking them off my other site...
Kingdom Hearts OCs!!! I need help designing my gal as several of the worlds form the game... I need ideas. If ya'll have reference sheets I promise not to use your designs, just will make one of her from that world. I've only played the first game, but I'd love to see what all I can make!
Does anyone know of any leopard icon sized bases? 
Still here... just been working 24/7... so tired. Anyway, working on updates on my regular webpage, it'll now only be about my OC/FC characters, since I'll be making sure everything else will be on here. 


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